Lin Meng: Plant Physiology First Author

Lin Meng, first author of “NAC transcription factor TgNAP promotes tulip petal senescence”

Current Position: Searching

Education: PhD in Horticulture and Forestry Sciences, Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, China

Non-scientific Interests: Basketball

Brief bio: In 2015, I joined the research group of Professor Jihong Liu at Huazhong Agricultural University to study the abiotic stress response mechanism and characterize functions of stress-responsive genes in citrus. Our research indicated that PtrCDPK10 promotes dehydration and drought tolerance at least by phosphorylating APX to modulate ROS homeostasis. In 2018, I joined the research group of Professor Zhulong Chan at Huazhong Agricultural University to characterize the petal senescence mechanisms and identify the key senescence-responsive genes. Our study showed that TgNAP promotes petal senescence through regulating salicylic acid and removing reactive oxygen species in Tulipa gesneriana. This study partially characterize the molecular mechanisms of tulip petal senescence and offer further insights for prolonging blooming period and postharvest preservation of fresh cut flowers.