Lijuan Jiang: The Plant Cell First Author

Lijuan Jiang, co-first author of “Methylation of a MITE insertion in the MdRFNR1-1 promoter is positively associated with its allelic expression in apple in response to drought stress”

Current Position: Post-doctoral in Yangzhou University

Education: PhD’s degree in Northwest A&F University

Non-scientific Interests: Playing badminton, Jogging

Brief bio:

I joined Prof. Qingmei Guan’s lab in the College of Horticulture, Northwest A&F University for graduate study since 2015, and my PhD thesis focused on the characterization and functional identification of drought-tolerant related genes in apple. In this research, I was responsible for part of the transgenic work and drought treatment of transgenic plants.

Drought stress seriously affects the growth and fruit yield of apples. Plants respond to drought stress through a variety of mechanisms, the redox regulatory pathway is important for plant responses to drought stress. Through reverse genetics, we characterized MdRFNR1 that contributed to drought tolerance through redox regulatory pathway in apple, and then we identified and analyzed the mechanism of natural variation of Malus RFNR1 in drought tolerance of apple.

I have finished the PhD work, next I will continue my research on the mechanism of stress tolerance in fruit trees, and I hope my research will be useful for breeding drought-tolerant plants by genetic engineering in the future.