Li Yuan: The Plant Cell First Author

Li Yuan, co-first author of BBX19 fine-tunes the circadian rhythm by interacting with PSEUDO-RESPONSE REGULATOR proteins to facilitate their repressive effect on morning-phased clock genes

Current Position: Postdoc at Henan University, China

Education: Ph.D. in Cell Biology, Hebei Normal University

Non-scientific Interests: playing badminton

Brief bio:

I started the research of Chronobiology under the supervision of Prof. Xiaodong Xu since 2012, and received Ph.D. in cell biology from Hebei Normal University. I continued my research of circadian clock as a postdoctoral member of Professor Qiguang Xie’s laboratory at Henan University. We conducted study on the molecular mechanism of circadian clock in Arabidopsis and soybean. We found that the mutants of BBX19 showed a short-period phenotype, and the increased expression of BBX18 and BBX19 lengthened the circadian period. Moreover, we found that BBX18/19 dynamically form homodimers and heterodimers, and BBX18/19 interact with PRR9/7/5 sequentially from dawn to evening. Our results shown that the BBX19-PRRs complexes suppressed the morning-phased CCA1 and RVE8 expression via binding to their promoter regions.