Leiyun Yang: The Plant Cell First Author

Leiyun Yang, first author of “Reduction of the canonical function of a glycolytic enzyme enolase triggers immune responses that further affect metabolism and growth in Arabidopsis”

Current Position: Postdoc, Plant Biology Section, School of Integrative Plant Science, Cornell University, USA

Education: B.S. in Grass Science (Northwest A&F University, China); PhD in plant molecular biology (Cornell University, USA)

Non-scientific interests: reading (fictions); cooking; hiking; gardening; playing cards with friends; running

Brief bio: I have been working with Dr. Jian Hua at Cornell University since 2014. My research mainly focuses on transcriptional regulation of plant intracellular immune receptor genes and the interplay between primary metabolism and plant immunity. I have been enthusiastic about how plants respond to the surrounding environments. My long-term scientific goal is to take advantage of the cutting-edge approaches to solve important scientific questions in the field of plant-microbe interactions for the sustainable development of agriculture and society.