Kangning Li: Plant Physiology First Author

Kangning Li, first author of “The rice transcription factor Nhd1 regulates root growth and nitrogen uptake by activating nitrogen transporters”

Current position: PhD student, Nanjing Agricultural University

Education: Nanjing Agricultural University

Non-scientific interests: Travel

Brief bio: In 2016, I joined professor Guohua Xu’s research group in College of Resource and Environmental Sciences at Nanjing Agricultural University to study the downstream genes of rice circadian clock Nhd1 (OsCCA1) and the mechanism of efficient nitrogen utilization. In the process, we hope to elucidate how plants are regulated by the internal clock to respond to changes in the external nutrient environment, and explore ways to improve nitrogen use efficiency of rice through genetic improvement. I hope that in the future, molecular biological techniques can be used to further improve yield and quality of crops and contribute to saving the consumption of fertilizers for sustainable development.


目前职位:南京农业大学 博士生