Juliene Moreira: Plant Physiology First Author

Name: Juliene Moreira, first author of “Auxin-driven ecophysiological diversification of leaves in domesticated tomato”

Current Position: Researcher; looking for a Postdoc position

Education: B.Sc. in Biology at the Federal University of Viçosa-UFV/CRP (2014), M.Sc. in Plant Physiology at the Federal University of Lavras (2016) and PhD in Plant Physiology at the Federal University of Viçosa-UFV (2021), Brazil.

Non-scientific Interests: Spending time with family and friends, watching movies, listening to music, practicing yoga, taking care of my indoor plants and cooking.

Brief bio:

I have always been fascinated by plant physiology topics. Since I was a kid, I used to walk in some parks or even farms and wonder about that was responsible for the outstanding diversity of plants. My curiosity to understand the processes that occur inside the cell and how they regulate the form and function of plant organs encouraged me to do my undergraduate degree in Biology. During my PhD, I worked in the plant molecular biology laboratory, under supervision of Prof. Agustin Zsögön. My research was focused on the identification and characterization of molecular basis that control the development of bundle sheath extensions (BSEs), an anatomical structure with several physiological and productivity implications for tomato and other crops. We sought to understand how specific genetic factors work together to coordinate the alternation between heterobaric (with BSEs) or homobaric (without BSEs) leaves and how these morphological differences can benefit crop performance under adverse environmental conditions.