Jiying Li: Plant Physiology First Author

Jiying Li, co-first author of DeepLearnMOR: a deep-learning framework for fluorescence image-based classification of organelle morphology

Current Position: Software Engineer, Microsoft

Education: M.S. in Computer Science (UC Davis), Ph.D. in Genetics (Michigan State University)

Non-scientific Interests: Hiking, snowboarding, reading

Brief bio: With background in computer science and biology, I am generally interested in exploring new areas at the interface of (big data + ML/DL) and (phenotyping tools + genomics). After years of experience in academia and high-tech industry, I see huge gaps and believe that there are enormous opportunities when significant biological questions are met with the right set of data and computational solutions. I feel excited to meet people inspired by the same interest and see breakthroughs in this area in the future.