Jiaxi Yong: Plant Physiology First Author

Jiaxi Yong, first author of “Sheet-like clay nanoparticles deliver RNA into developing pollen to efficiently silence a target gene”

Current Position: PhD candidate in Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, the University of Queensland, Australia

Education: PhD candidate (University of Queensland, Australia), M.Eng (China University of Petroleum, China), Bs.Eng (Tianjin University, China)

Non-scientific Interests: Badminton, Cooking

Brief bio: The nanoparticle delivery system for plant is of great promise due to the high efficiency, low cytotoxicity with a wide range of applicable plants. However, instinct structures of plant, such as cell wall hinder the successful uptake of nanoparticles in plant in many cases. Meanwhile, lacking the detailed information in plant-nanoparticle interactions impedes the design of nanoparticle delivery systems for plant application. Jiaxi Yong’s research focuses on developing nanoparticle-based platforms for biomolecule delivery to plants, and plant-nanoparticle interactions, for example, the uptake and translocation of nanoparticles in plant and plant cell, and the plant reactions to nanoparticles, such as oxidative stress.