Jiapeng Han: Plant Physiology First Author

Jiapeng Han, first author of “Evolution of the DEHYDRATION-RESPONSIVE ELEMENT BINDING PROTEIN subfamily in green plants”

Current Position: PhD student in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

Education: Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Non-scientific interests: Horticulture

Brief bio:

During plant radiation evolution, the frequent occurrence of whole-genome duplications caused many genes to repeatedly undergo the process of “duplication-loss/retention”, finally forming diverse gene families in response to various stresses in extant plants. The expansion and contraction of gene families do not occur independently, but are the result of the interaction between plant species and the external environment. With the increasing number of plant species with complete reference genomes, a large amount of accumulated genomic data allows us to reconstruct the evolutionary history of gene families with the help of comparative genomics and molecular evolutionary analysis and explore the relationship between their expansions, functional differentiation and species adaptive evolution, which provides new insights for mining stress tolerance-related genes and analyzing their mechanisms involved in stress responses. Therefore, during my Ph.D. student period, we focused on the AP2/EREBP superfamily and reconstructed the evolutionary history of the DREB subfamily to explore the relationship between the lineage-specific expansion of the DREB subfamily and the adaptive evolution of plant species.

论文题目:Evolution of the DEHYDRATION-RESPONSIVE ELEMENT BINDING PROTEIN subfamily in green plants