Jean-Philippe Mauxion: Plant Physiology First Author

Jean-Philippe Mauxion, first author of “SlKIX8 and SlKIX9 are negative regulators of leaf and fruit growth in tomato”

Current Position: PhD student, Fruit Development, Flowering and Environemental constraints team at INRAE Bordeaux, France

Education:  Master Biology AgroSciences Bordeaux

Non-scientific Interests: motorcycling, reef tank, reading, playing with my daughter

Brief bio: During eight years I worked as a research technician at INRAE-Bordeaux, and, among others, I implemented CRISPR based approaches in the lab and mastered Tomato transformation. Wishing to conduct a project as a whole, in 2019, I obtained a master in plant biology and I decided to pursue my career as PhD under the supervision of Nathalie Gonzalez. My PhD research focuses on the regulation of endoreduplication, a process leading to genome duplication, during tomato fruit development and more precisely of the fleshy part of the fruit: the pericarp. My objective is to find molecular players in this important process for growth control.