Inyoung Kim: Plant Physiology First Author

Inyoung Kim, first author of “Fibrillin2 in chloroplast plastoglobules participates in photoprotection and jasmonate-induced senescence”

Current Position: Ph.D. student in Prof. Hyun Uk Kim’s Laboratory at the University of Sejong, South Korea

Education: MSc in Bioindustry and Bioresource Engineering and BSc in Molecular Biology, University of Sejong, South Korea.

Non-scientific Interests: Sports (running, cycling, hiking, snowboarding, etc), travel, reading, painting

Brief bio:
When I was young, I would imagine what if I work in the lab to be a scientist who discover something that have never been known. And then I almost learned about plant molecular biology at the university. Finally, it made me to be here even if it was very difficult sometimes. I absolutely love doing experiments to prove my hypothesis that I think and learn about plants more and more. My research interests focus on plant lipid metabolism, especially lipid-associated protein in the chloroplast, regulation of transcription factors during seed development, and plant oil accumulation. I have a technique for molecular biological analysis (transcriptional assay, western blot, CRISPR/Cas9, Y2H, etc) as well as lipid analysis (Thin layer chromatography and gas chromatography). In the future, I hopefully would like to use my knowledge and skills to apply them for the development of oil crops.