Huixue Dong: The Plant Cell First Author

Huixue Dong, first author of “GSK3 phosphorylates and regulates the Green Revolution protein Rht-B1b to reduce plant height in wheat”

Current Position: Lecturer, Triticeae Research Institute, Sichuan Agricultural University, China

Education: Ph.D., Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China

Non-scientific Interests: Reading; Watching movie

Brief bio: I joined the lab of Prof. Jiaqiang Sun at Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in 2015 to pursue my Ph.D. studies. My research was mainly focused on the mechanism underlying wheat plant height. We found that TaCOLD1 acts as a novel regulator of plant height through interfering with the formation of heterotrimeric G protein complex in bread wheat. This study was published on Plant Biotechnology Journal in 2019 (I served as the first author). Recently, we reveal that the GSK3/SHAGGY-like kinase TaGSK3 interacts with and phosphorylates the Green Revolution protein Rht-B1b to favor it in reducing wheat plant height. The phosphorylation by TaGSK3 may enhance the activity and stability of Rht-B1b. Also, TaGSK3-mediated plant growth repression requires the DELLA proteins. Our results shed light on the activation mechanism of Green Revolution protein Rht-B1b. After receiving the Ph.D. degree, I started to work in Triticeae Research Institute of Sichuan Agricultural University in 2022. My research aims to understand the high temperature effect on cereals’ seed dormancy and germination.

第一作者: 董慧雪,发表论文 “GSK3 phosphorylates and regulates the Green Revolution protein Rht-B1b to reduce plant height in wheat”

目前职位: 四川农业大学,小麦研究所,讲师

教育经历: 中国农业科学院,博士

兴趣爱好: 阅读;电影

个人简介: 我于2015年加入中国农业科学院进行硕博连读,师从孙加强研究员。我的主要研究方向是解析小麦株高的调控机制。我们发现TaCOLD1作为一种新的株高调节因子,可能通过干扰小麦异三聚体G蛋白复合物的形成来调控小麦株高。该研究以第一作者发表在《Plant Biotechnology Journal》上。最近,我们揭示了GSK3/SHAGGY激酶TaGSK3与绿色革命蛋白Rht-B1b相互作用并磷酸化Rht-B1b,而Rht-B1b被磷酸化后有利于其降低小麦株高。TaGSK3介导的磷酸化可以增强Rht-B1b的活性和稳定性。此外,TaGSK3的生长抑制作用依赖于DELLA蛋白的生物学功能。我们的研究结果揭示了一个可能的Rht-B1b激活机制,为小麦绿色革命蛋白的研究提供了新见解。博士毕业后,我加入四川农业大学小麦研究所工作,主要从事高温对谷物种子休眠和萌发的影响。