Huijie Liu: The Plant Cell First Author

Huijie Liu, co-first author of “N4-acetylation of cytidine in (m)RNA plays essential roles in plants” 

Current position: Ph.D. candidate, Nanjing Agricultural University

Education: Master, Hangzhou Normal University

Non-scientific Interests: traveling and watching movies

Brief bio:

In 2022, I obtained my master’s degree from Hangzhou Normal University, and then join to Prof. Dr. Mingjia Chen’s lab at Nanjing Agricultural University where I pursue my Ph.D. study focusing on the identification and characterization of RNA modification in plants. In this project, we demonstrate the wide occurrence of cytidine N4-acetylation (ac4C) on mRNAs from various vascular plants. Using acRIP-seq, we mapped the distribution of ac4C modifications in Arabidopsis thaliana. Several lines of evidences showed that N-ACETYLTRANSFERASEs FOR CYTIDINE IN RNA 1 (ACYR1) and ACYR2 are partially redundant and together responsible for RNA acetylation in Arabidopsis. In the future, I will continue my work on the functional analysis of RNA modification in plant and strive to make some new progress in this field.


发表论文:N4-acetylation of cytidine in (m)RNA plays an essential role in plants