Recognizing Plant Physiology first authors: Hui-Yang Xu

Hui-Yang Xu, first author of The MAPK kinase kinase GmMEKK1 regulates cell death and defense responses

Current Position: Education Counselor, Zhejiang Post and Telecommunication College, Shaoxing, China.

Education: MS in Plant Genetics from Zhejiang Normal University, Jinhua, China

Non-scientific Interests: Basketball, football, and table tennis.

Brief bio: I graduated from the College of Chemistry and Life Sciences of Zhejiang Normal University in June, 2018 with a master’s degree in Plant Genetics. My main research focus was to understanding the roles of MAPK signaling pathway in disease resistance in soybean. I am currently working as an Education Counselor in Zhejiang Post and Telecommunication College at Shaoxing, China.