Hua Qin: Plant Physiology First Author

Hua Qin, first author of “Abscisic acid promotes auxin biosynthesis to inhibit primary root elongation in rice”

Current Position: Researcher, Biotechnology Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS)

Education: Postdoc and Ph.D., (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) in Biotechnology Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) and B.Sc. (Biological Engineering) in Yangtze University

Non-scientific Interests: travelling, movies, badminton and table tennis

Brief bio: My major research interest is to dissect the molecular mechanism of ethylene in plant root growth and stress adaptation. I started my research career since I became a graduate student of Dr. Rongfeng Huang. During my graduate and postdoctoral study, I found that OsDOF15 acts as a link between salt and ethylene biosynthesis by coordinating the modulation of salt- and ethylene-inhibited primary root growth, and OsEIL1 mediates the crosstalk between ethylene and auxin/gibberellin during primary root elongation by activating the expression of OsYUC8/OsGA2oxs. In this study, we demonstrated that ABA employs auxin as downstream signals to modify root elongation and radial expansion, causing short and swollen root and disrupting their ability to penetrate compacted soil. Our long-term scientific goal is to provide valuable targets for root system architecture breeding and improve rice production in environments characterized by abiotic stress.