Guoqiang Yuan: Plant Physiology First Author

Guoqiang Yuan, co-first author of SWOLLEN TAPETUM AND STERILITY 1 Is Required for Tapetum Degeneration and Pollen Wall Formation in Rice”

Current Position: Job hunting

Education: Sichuan Agricultural University (Bachelor and Ph.D.)

Non-scientific Interests: badminton, basketball, cooking

Brief bio: I started my Ph.D. study in 2019 and completed the Ph.D. thesis in 2022 under the joint guidance of professor Shuangcheng Li and lecturer Ting Zou at Rice Research Institute, Sichuan Agricultural University. My major research interest is cloning and functional analysis of key genes regulating rice male reproduction. During this period, I identified a male-sterile rice mutant, sts1, with delayed tapetum degradation and aborted pollen wall formation, and confirmed that STS1 encodes a novel lipase containing a DUF726 domain. Meanwhile, STS1 may affect anther lipid biosynthesis by interacting with OsPKS2 and OsACOS12, thereby regulating the development of tapetum and pollen wall in rice. This discovery provides new knowledge for plant pollen development and a potential genetic resource for hybrid rice breeding. In the future, I hope to have the opportunity do researches on the functional analysis and regulatory mechanism of key genes in plant development.

论文题目:“The DUF726 Containing Protein STS1 is Required for Tapetum Degeneration and Pollen Wall Formation in Rice”