Guoqiang Huang: The Plant Cell First Author

Guoqiang Huang, first author of “AUXIN RESPONSE FACTOR 6 and 7 control the flag leaf angle in rice by regulating secondary cell wall biosynthesis of lamina joints”

Current position: Postdoc at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Education: B.S. in Shandong Agricultural University; Ph.D in Biology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Non-scientific Interests: Playing badminton.

 Brief Bio: I focus on root development, such as root hair elongation, root angle adjustment, and root–soil interactions. I joined Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2013 and transferred my research interests from Arabidopsis to rice root system regulation. Since then, I have explored topics such as how rice crown root angles are regulated in response to external phosphate; how rice root hair elongation responds to low phosphate conditions; and how roots sense soil compaction. As first author or co-first author, I have published several papers in leading journals including Science, Nature Communications, Plant Cell and New Phytologist.





   介:我的研究集中在根系发育,例如根毛延伸,根生长角度调控以及根和土壤互作。2013年,我进入上海交通大学开始进行水稻根系的研究,包含水稻不定根角度的调控机制,水稻根毛响应外界低磷的延伸机制以及植物根系如何响应外界土壤硬度。作为第一作者以及并列第一作者,我发表了几篇文章,包括Science,Nature Communications,Plant Cell 和 New Phytologist 等等。