Guokai Xu: The Plant Cell First Author

Guokai Xu, first author of “Embryonic reactivation of FLOWERING LOCUS C by ABSCISIC ACID-INSENSITIVE 3 establishes the vernalization requirement in each Arabidopsis generation”

Current Position: Assistant Scientist, Peking University Institute of Advanced Agricultural Sciences, China

Education: Ph.D. (Genetics) from Chinese Academy of Sciences Center for Excellence in Molecular Plant Sciences & University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

BSc in Agronomy from Shandong Agricultural University

Non-scientific Interests: Reading, Hiking

Brief bio: During my Ph.D. study in Dr. Yuehui He’s laboratory, I studied on plant environmental epigenetics, with a main focus on molecular epigenetic regulation of flowering time in Arabidopsis. Since joining the Peking University Institute of Advanced Agricultural Sciences, I have been mainly investigating molecular epigenetic mechanisms for vernalization in both wheat and Arabidopsis. I am committed to the genetic improvement of agronomic traits in wheat. In this work, we have uncovered the molecular circuitry underlying embryonic resetting of the ‘vernalized state’ of a potent flora repressor as well as further embryonic activation of this repressor by the ABA-pathway transcription factor ABI3 in Arabidopsis.