Glenda Guek Khim Oh: Plant Physiology First Author

Glenda Guek Khim Oh, first author of “Alternative oxidase (AOX) 1a and 1d limit proline-induced oxidative stress and aid salinity recovery in Arabidopsis”

Current Position: PhD Student at ARC CoE for Plant Energy Biology, The University of Western Australia

Education: Bachelor of Science (Hons), The University of Western Australia

Non-scientific Interests:  Touch rugby, baking, investigative podcasts and travelling

Brief Bio: My interest in plant science started when I pursued my Honours degree with Brendan O’Leary and Harvey Millar at UWA, where I developed a high-throughput method to identify Arabidopsis mutants with differences in respiration rates. My PhD project then went to understand how flexible plant mitochondrial respiration can be. I am always fascinated by how smart plants are and their ability to survive under ever-changing environmental conditions. Being a huge foodie myself, I love how my work can be translated into important agricultural crops in the future and this sustains my passion for plant science