Gesa Hoffmann: The Plant Cell First Author

Gesa Hoffmann, first author of “Arabidopsis RNA processing body components LSM1 and DCP5 aid in the evasion of translational repression during Cauliflower mosaic virus infection”

Current Position:
PhD candidate at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala, Sweden

Bachelor of Science in Biology at the University of Cologne, Germany
Master of Science in Molecular Biology at the University of Vienna, Austria

Non-scientific Interests:
Photography and hiking, classical music and theatre

Brief bio:
Since my very first bachelor course in biology, I have been fascinated by the interactions between organisms, especially between the tiniest and the biggest. I believe that communication, interaction, co-dependencies and connections are the most important aspects in biology, as well as in our daily life. I have been lucky to work with amazing mentors on transcriptional regulation of mycorrhiza symbiosis, temperature impact on bacterial disease, Ustilago maydis effector interactions with maize chitinases and now on the impact of plant RNA granules in virus disease. I hope to continue to explore the busy lives of plants and their friends and foes in the future.