Gaochao Cai: Plant Physiology First Author

Gaochao Cai, first author of “Soil textures rather than root hairs dominate water uptake and soil-plant hydraulics under drought”

Current Position:

Postdoctoral scientist, Chair of Soil Physics, University of Bayreuth, Germany


PhD in Soil hydrology, Forschungszentrum Jülich / University of Bonn, Germany

Master in Environment Engineering, Huazhong Agricultural University, China

Non-scientific Interests:

I like swimming, museums, rock and pop music, and travelling.

Brief bio:

My academic life started with exploring the water purification ability of plants under the supervision of Prof. Ronggui Hu in the soil ecology lab. After that, I did my PhD with Prof. Jan Vanderborght and Prof. Harry Vereecken in Jülich. During that period, I learned that how water flow in the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum could be simulated using numerical models associated with observations, and studied how root development and root water uptake were impacted by soil texture and soil water distribution at field scale. Afterwards, I joined Prof. Andrea Carminati’s group and continue to study the soil-plant water relations under drought but at plant scale. In this group, I focus more on biophysical constraints on water flow in the soil-plant system from a plant hydraulic perspective. I hope that continuous studies on soil-plant water relations could help us understand deeply plant response to drought and how plant resistance to water stress could be improved. (Twitter: @GaochaoCai)





个人简介:我在胡荣桂教授的指导下开启了学术生涯,并在他带领的土壤生态课题组里完成了对植物净水能力初步探讨的硕士课题。之后我加入了德国于利希研究中心(FZJ)的农业圈研究所(IBG3) 进行博士期间的研究。在Jan Vanderborght 和Harry Vereecken教授的指导下,我学会利用观测和模型的结合模拟水分如何在土壤-植物-大气连续体中迁移,并借此主要研究了土壤质地与土壤水分的时空分布对植物根系的生长和根吸水的影响。随后我加入了Andrea Carminati 教授的土壤物理课题组,继续从事小尺度下土壤-植物间水分关系的研究。目前,我重点从植物水力学方面关注生物物理影响因子对土壤-植物系统中水分运输及利用的限制作用。我希望对土壤-植物水分关系的持续研究,会促进我们更深入的认识植物对干旱胁迫响应机制以及提高植物抗旱性。