Abbas El Sahili: The Plant Cell First Author

Abbas El Sahili , co-first author of “Structural basis for proenzyme maturation, substrate recognition, and ligation by a hyperactive peptide asparaginyl ligase”

Current Position: Senior Research Fellow

Education: Ph.D. at University Paris-Sud XI (Paris Saclay)

Non-scientific Interests: Reading, Cooking

Brief bio:

My research now focuses on Peptide Asparaginyl Ligases using biochemistry techniques, protein engineering and X-ray crystallography to uncover the detailed molecular mechanism of these enzymes and use them to produce novel biologics.

After a master’s degree in Protein and Enzyme Engineering (Lorraine University, France), I obtained my PhD. at the University Paris-Sud, now Paris Saclay (France) in Structural Biology and Biochemistry. In 2015 I join the Nanyang Technology University in sunny Singapore as a Research Fellow working on viral replication enzymes under the mentoring of Prof. Julien Lescar.