Dingyue Wang: The Plant Cell First Author

Dingyue Wang, co-first author of “Chromatin remodeling complexes regulate genome architecture in Arabidopsis”

Current Position: Ph.D. candidate, Peking University, China

Education: B.S., Capital Normal University, China

Non-scientific Interests: Basketball, bodybuilding, travel

Brief bio: After receiving a B.S. degree from Capital Normal University in 2020, I entered Peking University in the same year to study for a doctoral degree under Dr. Yue Zhou. Under the supervision of Dr. Yue Zhou and Dr. Hang He in the field of plant epigenetics, I mainly apply bioinformatics methods to study the molecular mechanism of gene transcription repression regulated by plant Polycomb group (PcG) proteins and the regulatory mechanism of plant chromatin state.

Under the guidance of Dr. Yue Zhou, I am honored to undertake the bioinformatics part of this work as a second-year doctoral student. In this work, we described that chromatin remodeling complexes regulate linear nucleosome distribution pattern and density to promote H3K27me3 deposition, which in turn regulates 3D chromatin structure.



教育经历:北京大学, 博士在读




自2020年从首都师范大学毕业,我于同年进入北京大学师从周岳老师攻读博士学位。在周岳老师和何航老师的指导下,从事植物表观遗传学的研究,我主要利用生物信息学方法从事对植物多梳蛋白(Polycomb group, PcG) 调控的基因转录抑制分子机制以及染色质状态调控机制的研究。