Dimitris Templalexis: Plant Physiology First Author

Dimitris Templalexis, first author of “Potassium transporter TRH1/KUP4 contributes to distinct auxin-mediated root system architecture responses”

Current Position: PhD Student at the Biotechnology Department of the Agricultural University of Athens

Education:  BSc in Plant Biotechnology and MSc in Systems Biology from the Agricultural University of Athens

Non-scientific Interests:  Reading, Walking in nature

Brief bio: I am currently a member of Associate Professor Stamatis Rigas group at the Molecular Biology laboratory of the Agricultural University of Athens. Over the last years, I dived in the world of exploring the plant adaptation processes that shape root architecture. In the future, my aim is to unravel and dissect the molecular mechanisms evolved by plants that modulate root plasticity and allow the roots to adapt in non-friendly environments, which are highly toxic or poor in nutrients (trophomorphogenesis).