Delphine Ménard: The Plant Cell First Author

Delphine Ménard, first author of “Plant biomechanics and resilience to environmental changes are controlled by specific lignin chemistries in each vascular cell type and morphotype”

Current Position:  Head of the Plant in vitro cell cultures platform and Laboratory safety coordinator at the Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences of Stockholm University

Education: Master in Biological Anthropology / Magister in English literature / Bachelor in Western History

Non-scientific Interests: Chemical-based photography, Glass making, Geopolitics

Brief bio: Shifting from a career in Archaeology (with a focus on Biological Anthropology and Medieval Civilisation), I had the opportunity to work on developing novel methods for plant cell cultures and in vitro plant micropropagation in different research institutions including Umeå University, Swedish Agricultural University (SLU) and now Stockholm University. First as a technician, then a research engineer and now as head manager of a technical platform, I established, improved, maintained and characterised collections of in vitro plants and plant inducible pluripotent cell suspensions cultures (native and genetically modified) from different plant species as well as provided training to students and researchers.