Daniel Ginzburg: Plant Physiology Author

Daniel Ginzburg, first author of “Uncoupling differential water usage from drought resistance in a dwarf Arabidopsis mutant”

Current Position: Research Assistant – Carnegie Institution for Science, Department of Plant Biology

Education: M.Sc. Agricultural Sciences – Hebrew University of Jerusalem Faculty of Agriculture (Rehovot, Israel); B.A. Northwestern University – Earth & Planetary Sciences (Illinois, USA)

Non-scientific Interests: Watching sports, biking, reading, strategy games

Brief bio: I am particularly interested in how plants develop and respond to abiotic changes and in the environment. As a research assistant the lab of Sue Rhee at the Carnegie Institution for Science, I developed novel protocols and assays and for investigating plant water use, growth, and development during osmotic stress conditions. In the Autumn of 2022, I will begin my PhD research at the University of Cambridge in lab of Alex Webb, where I’ll investigate how the plant circadian clock influences plant physiology.