Daniel Balderrama: Plant Physiology First Author

Daniel Balderrama, first author of “Phytochrome F mediates red light responsiveness additively with phytochromes B1 and B2 in tomato”

Current Position: PhD Student at the University of Maine, USA

Education: B.S. from the University of Puget Sound

Non-scientific Interests: Game Design, Music Composition, Film Making

Bio: My previous research looked at the functions of the phytochrome photoreceptors in fleshy fruit bearing plants. I worked to describe the physiological functions of the phytochrome F gene in Solanum lycopersicum. Our work uncovered several undescribed functions of phyF and helped shed light on its interaction with the other phytochrome genes present in tomato.

My current research focuses on confirming resistance to bacterial soft rot in Solanum tuberosum and identifying the genes responsible for this trait. We hope to use these results to produce new potato varieties with strong soft rot resistance.