Cunman He: The Plant Cell First Author

Cunman He, first author of “The retrograde signalling regulator ANAC017 recruits the MKK9-MPK3/6, ethylene, and auxin signalling pathways to balance mitochondrial dysfunction with growth” 

Current position: Research officer, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia


MS, School of Life Science, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China

PhD, School of Life Science, the Australia Research Council Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology, La Trobe University, Australia

Non-scientific Interests: Reading, hiking and swimming

Brief bio: My master’s studies were carried out at Zhejiang University in China, where I focused on safety assessment of glyphosate-tolerant transgenic soybean and the functional genomic characterization under supervision of Prof. Shou Huixia. In 2017, I started my PhD at La Trobe University to study under the joint supervision of Prof. James Whelan and Dr. Oliver Berkowitz. My research identified the transcription factor ANAC017 as the upstream regulator to co-ordinate mitochondrial function with whole plant growth in Arabidopsis thaliana. This established a comprehensive model of pathways acting in parallel and their interacting regulatory, and partly antagonistic, feedback loops. Since 2021, I am working as a research officer and continue to define and dissect mitochondrial specific stress signalling pathways in plant.

姓名: 贺存满

现有职位: La Trobe 大学博士后研究员

教育经历: 浙江大学,理学硕士; La Trobe大学,澳大利亚科学委员会卓越中心-植物能源生物学,植物学博士

个人兴趣: 读书,徒步,游泳

个人简介:我在浙江大学攻读硕士期间师从寿惠霞教授,主要参与耐草甘膦转基因大豆的安全评价和功能基因研究。2017年, 我进入 La Trobe大学和澳大利亚科学委员会卓越中心-植物能源生物学中心攻读博士学位。在James Whelan 院士和Oliver Berkowitz博士的共同指导下,从事植物线粒体及其反向信号通路机制研究,并解析ANAC017 作为上游调控因子协调线粒体功能和植株生长,揭示全面并行作用途径和部分拮抗反馈通路模型。 从2021年起,我担任博士后研究员,并继续剖析植物线粒体特异性应激信号途径。