Chenyang Wang: Plant Physiology First Author

Chenyang Wang, co-first author of “T-LOC: a comprehensive tool to localize and characterize the T-DNA integration sites”

Current position:

Undergraduate in the College of Biological Science, China Agriculture University (CBS, CAU)

Intern at Institute of Plant Protection, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (IPP, CAAS)

Non-scientific Interests: Art, fiction, and cooking

Brief bio:

Currently, I am an undergraduate at CBS, CAU, and working at Dr. Huanbin Zhou’s lab as an intern. It was a great opportunity for me to work with lab members of Dr. Zhou under the guidance of Dr. Li and Dr. Zhou to begin my journey in scientific research. The prospect of solving pragmatic problems in agriculture fits well with my general interest in life science, thus it was lucky for me to have the opportunity to work at IPP, CAAS, and I am looking forward to joining Dr. Zhou’s lab for further studies after graduating from CAU this summer.

My bachelor’s thesis is about the experimental validation of the locus identified by T-LOC, a robust tool on T-DNA integration sites. We successfully recovered all the T-DNA integrations site from 48 transgenic rice plants with a diversified pattern of T-DNA integration, which deepen our understanding of the well-explained T-DNA transferring. We hope T-LOC would benefit the scientists in the field of scientific research and breeding.