Chan Liu: The Plant Cell First Author

Chan Liu, first author of “AP1/2β-Mediated Exocytosis of Tapetum-Specific Transporters Is Required for Pollen Development in Arabidopsis thaliana.”

Current Position: Ph.D. candidate (job hunting), Lanzhou University, China

Education: Master degree from Zhejiang Normal University, China

Non-scientific Interests: Reading, Yoga, Mountain climbing

Brief Bio: My interest in scientific research was inspired by Dr. Jianwei Pan. Although I interacted with Dr. Pan for only five short years, I will benefit from his teachings for the rest of my life. I study Arabidopsis thaliana to explore the role of the adaptor protein (AP) complexes in vegetative and reproductive development. I think that conducting scientific research is like mountain-climbing, always full of excitement and challenges. During my research, I found that two important AP complexes, AP-1 and AP-2 shared the same AP1/2β subunit. Mutations in AP1/2β disrupt pollen development and germination. I used live confocal imaging and biochemical assays to understand why AP1/2β adaptins are needed for pollen development. I found that in tapetal cells within the anthers, AP1/2β subunits specifically mediate the exocytosis of plasma membrane transporters ABCG9 and ABCG16 that export pollen wall components into the anther locule. I encountered many difficulties during my research that greatly improved my ability to solve problems, discuss science, and collaborate with other colleagues. I will continue my mountain-climbing scientific journey with a more in-depth investigation of the functions of AP1/2β in cargo recognition and reproductive development.


发表论文:AP1/2β-Mediated Exocytosis of Tapetum-Specific Transporters Is Required for Pollen Development in Arabidopsis thaliana




个人简介:我的科研兴趣启蒙于潘建伟教授,然而与潘教授的师生缘仅有短暂的五年时光,但这五年里的教诲足以让我受益终生。我的工作主要以拟南芥为研究对象,探索衔接蛋白复合体(adaptor protein, AP)在营养生长和生殖生长中的作用机制。我认为科学探索犹如登山,充满了刺激和挑战。在课题研究过程中,我发现衔接蛋白复合体亚基AP1/2β由AP-1和AP-2共享,且AP1/2β功能缺失破坏了拟南芥花粉的发育和萌发。结合活细胞共聚焦成像和生化分析发现,AP1/2β特异介导毡层质膜转运蛋白的外吐过程,从而确保为花粉壁的发育输送必需的营养物质。课题研究过程中遇到的各种困难促使我增强了解决问题以及与他人交流和合作的能力。接下来我将继续我的登山之旅,对AP1/2β在货物识别以及生殖生长中的功能进行更深入的研究。