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Wheat blast disease: a deadly and baffling fungal foe

This is a nice downloadable, printable fact-sheet from CIMMYT on Wheat Blast Disease that includes information on the key features of Wheat Blast, how to control it, where it is found in the world and its global significance, and a comprehensive references section for further reading. View resour…

NABT inquiry, Mysterious Mycorrhizae?

Mysterious Mycorrhizae? A Field Trip & Classroom Experiment To Demystify the Symbioses Formed Between Plants & Fungi. Published in the American Biology Teacher VOLUME 71, NO. 7, SEPTEMBER 2009 p 424 - 429. NANCY C. JOHNSON, V. BALA CHAUDHARY, JASON D. HOEKSEMA, JOHN C. MOORE,ANNE PRINGLE, JAMES…

NABT Inquiry, Studying Plant–Rhizobium Mutualism in the Biology Classroom

Published in the American Biology Teacher, 2014 by Tomomi Suwa and Brad Williamson. Guided inquiry into how rhizobia affect soybean growth. View resource

Activity: Investigating the hormone auxin (IAA), a plant growth regulator (SAPS)

This protocol allows students to investigate the effects of the hormone auxin (Indole Acetic Acid or IAA) as a plant growth regulator, giving opportunities to look at auxiliary bud development, root development, and leaf abscission in Coleus. The method is suitable for independent investigations by students.…

APS (American Phytopathological Society) Education Center

The APS Education Center includes peer-reviewed publications, which constitute the online journal, The Plant Health Instructor, as well as additional resources for plant pathology education. Resources for a broad range of educational activities are available, including outreach to K-12 teachers, materials…

Short, engaging videos about plant biology

Videos are excellent ways to communicate about plant science. They can stimulate curiosity, explain a complicated idea, or make the invisible visible. Here is a curated list of some of our favorite short plant science videos. Crash Course Biology: Plant Cells (10 min), Photosynthesis (13 min), The…

From LUCA to Lily: 12 perspectives for teaching about plants

The other day I was talking to a friend about the need to demystify plants, so that teachers feel as confident in their teaching of plant biology as they do about animal biology. I wonder if sometimes we teach plants too much in isolation, so it’s not always clear how plants relate to other organisms…