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Living Schoolyards Month Activity Guide (2016)

This free guide (PDF) has over forty hands-on activities for PreK-12th grade students and the public. Activities are succinctly & beautifully presented. Each one includes goals, materials, procedures, age guidelines and teaching tips useful photos on 1-2 pages. Overarching themes include: Art,…

Auxin: Investigating the effects of IAA on root growth (SAPS)

Student and teacher guides for hands-on investigation into how auxin affects root growth. Source: Science and Plants for Schools (SAPS) View resource

Plants in Your Pants, Genes in Your Jeans

Help eradicate plant blindness as students explore plant biology concepts and hands-on activities related to everyone's favorite clothing item: denim jeans. These quick, classroom-ready pages (PDFs) are ideally suited for  middle grade students: Plants in Your Pants: Find out how the cotton plant…

Phyllotaxis & Fibonacci

Students take a close look at the math & biology involved in the creation of seed, leaf, and petal spiral patterns. These multi-modal, inquiry-oriented activities align with NGSS and CCSS and are scalable for middle and high school/AP students. View resource

Investigating Plant Nutrition with Wisconsin Fast Plants

In this investigation, students explore how various amounts of fertilizer affect growth and development of plants. Source: Wisconsin Fasts Plants View resource

Investigating the effects of minerals on plant growth

Students use barley, radish or algae to explore how various macronutrients and micronutrients affect growth. View resource from the Nuffield Foundation

Can You Grow a Chewy-Ooey-Gooey-Chocolatey-Nutty Candy Bar?

Candy in classrooms seems inevitable at certain times of the year. This simple handout offers a little food for thought so students can learn a few yummy morsels about the plants they are enjoying in every delicious bite. Note: The visuals are kid-friendly but some key vocabulary is not; primary students…

Do You Speak Plant? Wordplay to Enhance Science Literacy

Explore the verdant garden of words and phrases rooted in plants through science-oriented word play suitable for sophisticated middle schoolers & up. View resource

I-MOLD: Interactive Model of Leaf Decomposition

The goal of this project is to explain leaf decomposition and how it relates to the Earth's carbon cycle and climate. This website contains a series of animated lessons about decomposition, an interactive model that lets you predict how different types of leaves will decompose in different climates,…