Bingxin Wang: Plant Physiology First Author

Bingxin Wang, co-first author of “SCARECROW maintains the stem cell niche in Arabidopsis root by ensuring telomere integrity”

Current Position: PhD Candidate at Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Education: 2015-2019, Northwest A & F University, Biotechnology, Bachelor

2019-2021, Northwest A & F University, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Master

Non-scientific Interests: Thread wrapping flower, travelling

Brief bio:

I was admitted to Northwest A&F University and started my research on life science in 2015. During my undergraduate and graduate studies, I embarked on a research project on plant stem cell renewal in the laboratory of Professor Hongchang Cui. The main purpose of my research is to understand how SCARECROW, a transcription factor well known for its role in root growth and development, maintains the stem cell niche in Arabidopsis root. Our results suggest that SCR promotes the expression of telomere protecting factors, thus maintaining the root stem cells by ensures genome integrity. This paper is my first publication as a first author, and I hope it is just a good beginning of my scientific career.


现在职位:中国科学院  遗传与发育生物学研究所 2021级博士研究生






我于 2015 年考入西北农林科技大学,从此开始了生命科学相关的学习。本科及硕士期间,我一直在崔洪昌教授实验室进行科研训练,我的课题的主要目的是阐明SCARECROW这个与根生长和发育相关的转录因子调控根尖干细胞龛维持的分子机制。 我们的实验结果表明,SCARECROW可以维持拟南芥端粒相关基因的表达,保证基因组的完整性,进而保障干细胞龛处于一个稳定状态。此篇文章是我作为第一作者发表的首篇文章,希望可以成为今后科研学习道路的一个良好开端。