Bian Wu: The Plant Cell First Author

Bian Wu, first author of “Natural variation in WHITE-CORE RATE 1 regulates redox homeostasis in rice endosperm to affect grain quality”

Current Position: Ph.D. at Huazhong Agricultural University

Education: Ph.D., National Key Laboratory of Crop Genetic Improvement, Huazhong Agricultural University

Non-scientific Interests: planting, diving, swimming

Brief bio:

In 2013, I joined the research group of Prof. Yuqing He at National Key Laboratory of Crop Genetic Improvement of Huazhong Agricultural University, where I did my M.S. and Ph.D. study in the field of rice quality. Prof. Yuqing He focused on the study of the improvement of rice quality and gene cloning of important traits, such as grain shape, chalkiness and grain storage substance. From a lot of documents, I learned that chalkiness is an important trait of rice quality and plays a key role in production. However, there are few studies related to the natural variation of rice chalkiness, and the excellent chalkiness alleles also need to be explored. Based on the preliminary mapping results of chalkiness QTL of the research group, I identified the gene WCR1 affecting rice chalkiness by map-based cloning. We found a functional variation site in the promoter region through natural variation analysis. Moreover, we proposed model of the role of WCR1 in regulating chalkiness. In future study, I will continue to engage in rice quality research, and hope that these findings can be applied to the process of agricultural production to improve rice quality.