Axel Thieffry: The Plant Cell First Author

Axel Thieffry, co-first author of “PAMP-triggered genetic reprogramming involves widespread alternative transcription initiation and an immediate transcription factor wave”

Current Position:
Bioinformatics Project Manager, Intomics A/S, Lyngby, Denmark

BSc Biotechnics & Medical Imagery (Haute-Ecole en Hainaut, Belgium),  MSc Bioinformatics (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden), PhD Computational and RNA Biology, (University of Copenhagen, Denmark).

Non-scientific Interests:
Drone racing, piano, photography.

Brief bio:

I attended the Bachelor program in Bioitechnics & Medical Imagery at the HEH (Belgium) under the supervision of Dr. David Coornaert, and conducted my BSc thesis via an Erasmus exchange in Sweden, supervised by Dr. Erik Bongcam-Rudloff (SLU, Sweden). I then pursued my studies with a Master in Bioinformatics still at the SLU, in collaboration with Prof. Anders S. Carlsson (SLU, Sweden). After a year in a French private biotech as a Bioinformatics Engineer, I joined the groups of Prof. Albin Sandelin and Prof. Peter Brodersen at the University of Copenhagen (KU) for a PhD program in plant transcriptomics and gene expression regulation, with a main focus on innate immunity and bidirectional transcription. Throughout my education, I kept a first-hand connection with molecular biology wet lab, enjoying the synergy between in vivo and silico biology. I am currently a Bioinformatics Project Manager at Intomics A/S (Denmark), where I combine project management and bioinformatic analyses to identify drug target candidates.

Twitter: @axthief