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Every pair is special!

The identification and characterization of resistosome complexes, formed by the oligomerization of intracellular nucleotide-binding leucine-rich repeat receptors (NLRs), has recently been a major focus in the field of plant immunity. Some NLR genes occur as head-to-head pairs encoding proteins that function as heterodimers. Yang et al. investigated the oligomerization requirements for the paired class of […]

Patterns of evolution: Dissecting the history of pattern recognition receptors from development to immunity

Plants use a suite of cell-surface receptors as signal transducers in both development and immunity. In this study, Ngou et al. utilized computational and functional approaches to examine the evolutionary origin of a subclass of plant cell-surface receptors called pattern recognition receptors (PRRs), as well as their known downstream signalling components. Using 350 genome sequences […]