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The PARTHENOGENESIS gene that contributes the clonal propagation through seeds in dicot dandelion (Nature Genetics)

In plants with sexual reproduction, the male contribution (two sperm cells) is necessary to fertilize two female cells, the egg cell that gives rise to the embryo and the central cell that gives rise to the endosperm. In contrast, apomictic plants (0.1% of flowering plants spread over 120 genera) don´t need the male input, they […]

One assembly closer to understanding centromeric evolution in Arabidopsis thaliana (Science)

Centromeres are chromosome regions that consist of tandemly repeated “satellite arrays” and harbor CENH3 centromeric histones. Centromeres are present in every eukaryotic cell and are important for kinetochore assembly, so they ensure chromosome segregation during cell division. In spite of the importance of this structure, its evolution has remained obscure partly because of the challenge […]