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Review: Integration of reactive oxygen species and hormone signaling during abiotic stress (Plant J.)

During its life cycle, a plant experiences many types of abiotic stress including drought. While waiting for the next drops of water, a thirsty plant acclimates by initiating a series of tolerance responses. Stress perception is followed by stress-induced signaling which can include reactive oxygen species (ROS) production, phytohormone activation, gene expression regulation, and kinase/phosphatase […]

Transpiration from tomato fruit occurs primarily via trichome-associated transcuticular polar pores (Plant Physiol.)

Post harvest water loss is one of the major challenges in handling fresh agricultural products, yet its cause and mechanism are not well understood. In terrestrial plants, stomata are the primary regulators of water flux; but when the stomata are closed or in astomatous organs such as tomato fruits, the hydrophobic layer “cuticle” is the […]