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Fast and global reorganization of the chloroplast protein biogenesis network during heat acclimation (Plant Cell)

With the rising climatological extremes, heat stress is a major concern towards sustainable crop yield and productivity as it impairs several physiological and developmental processes. Due to the sessile lifestyle of land plants, they undergo various acclimation responses to cope with fluctuating temperatures. Chloroplasts, apart from being the energy-producing organelles, are also a central player […]

Review. Chloroplast development in green plant tissues: The interplay between light, hormones, and transcriptional regulation (New Phytol.)

Chloroplasts are indispensable for plant growth and physiological performance; not only for photosynthesis but also for many biochemical processes. Due to the endosymbiont origin of the chloroplast, chloroplast development requires sophisticated machinery to relay the signals between the nuclear and the chloroplast genomes. Although the regulation of chloroplast biogenesis by light and phytohormones has been […]