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Plant immunity is wired differently in different plants (New Phytol)

In plants, microbial invasion is sensed by membrane-bound and cytoplasmic receptors. Our knowledge on the immune signaling that follows microbial recognition is mostly derived from studies on Arabidopsis thaliana. In this plant, receptor activation triggers immune responses that are distinct for each subgroup of receptors. However, recent findings using this model plant have shown that […]

Bacterial avirulence gene encodes for a secreted protease and restricts host range (Mol Plant Path)

Plant pathogenic bacteria of the genus Clavibacter tend to have a narrow host range, but different species affect many important crops. Clavibacter michiganensis (Cm) causes bacterial wilt and canker in tomato, pepper and a few varieties of eggplant. There are no Cm-resistant tomato varieties but many eggplant varieties are resistant to the disease. Most Cm […]

Coordinated evolution of plant immune receptor repertoires (bioRxiv)

In plants, immune signalling and the corresponding defence responses are initiated by direct or indirect recognition of pathogen molecules via immune receptors. In the plasma membrane, pattern-recognition-receptors (PRRs) recognize signs of invasion and pattern-triggered immunity (PTI) is initiated. Inside the cell, nucleotide-binding LRR (NLR) receptors recognise race-specific microbial effectors (or their actions) and effector-triggered immunity […]