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Sealing the deal to graft healing: PAT1 as a novel regulator of graft formation

Grafting is a way to combine the desirable properties of two plants by joining the scions and rootstocks from different plants. While frequently practiced, little is known about how grafting within and between coniferous species works. Most pertinently, grafting success relies on how efficiently connected vasculatures can heal at the graft junction. Precisely, this is […]

Review: CEP hormones at the nexus of nutrient acquisition and allocation, root development, and plant–microbe interactions

C-TERMINALLY ENCODED PEPTIDE (CEP) is a multigene family of peptide hormones originally described as systemic long-distance signals in response to nitrogen limitation. Over the years since the discovery of these peptide hormones, the literature on CEP biology has expanded the repertoire of developmental and physiological roles in planta beyond nitrogen demand signaling. This review by […]