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The miRNome function transitions from regulating developmental genes to transposable elements during pollen maturation (Plant Cell)

Genes (protein-coding or noncoding) and transposable elements (TEs) are the main characters in the genomic landscape, but there are few reported systems where we have seen all acting together to produce a phenotype. Oliver and collaborators analyzed miRNA populations during pollen maturation in an outstanding experimental and computational initiative. In Arabidopsis, pollen development goes from […]

The genomic ecosystem of transposable elements in maize (PLOS Genetics)

A new paper looking at transposable elements in maize uses the framework that genomes are similar to ecosystems, in that it is essential to study them comprehensively, from the level of each element to the global structure. Transposable elements (TEs) are dynamic and persistent within plant genomes. Understanding their behavior and physiology can give us […]