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Neo-polyploid infertility associated with defective pollen tube growth

Polyploidy, arising from whole-genome duplication, is a common phenomenon in plant species. However, newly formed polyploids are often infertile and the mechanism(s) by which they adapt to their new karyotypes remain unclear. In this article, Westermann and colleagues chemically induced the formation of tetraploid Arabidopsis arenosa plants from diploid parents. They found that the lower […]

An inducible protein degradation system for rapid depletion of target proteins

Targeting a given protein for degradation at a specific time can be very useful when investigating its function in the cellular context. In this paper, Huang et al. present an inducible protein degradation system tailored for plants, named E3-DART. The system is based on the specific interaction between the type III bacterial effector Salmonella-specific protein […]

A diffusible small-RNA-based Turing system dynamically coordinates organ polarity

The establishment of adaxial-abaxial polarity during the growth of the leaf primordium is a prerequisite for the formation of the flat, thin leaves observed in most (but not all) plants. The micro-RNAs tasiARF and miR165/6, which form concentration gradients within leaf primordia, are major contributors to the formation of the adaxial and the abaxial domains, […]