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Review: Integrative framework for successful deployment of microbiomes in agriculture

This review by Berruto and Demirer calls for an interdisciplinary approach at the interface of experimental and computational frameworks to address the long-standing challenge of field application of beneficial soil microbiomes. This challenge persists due to our limited understanding of the complex principles governing plant-microbe and microbe-microbe interactions. The authors provide a comprehensive overview of […]

An opportunistic plant pathogen disrupts leaf microbiome through secretion of plant cell wall degrading enzymes

Healthy plants possess a functional immune system, and their leaves harbor a structured microbial community, including opportunistic pathogens. These opportunistic pathogens can trigger plant diseases under conducive conditions, such as when plant immunity is compromised, and the microbial community is disrupted. It remains elusive whether and how an opportunistic pathogen can directly disrupt the microbiome […]

PSKR1 balances the plant growth–defence trade-off in the rhizosphere microbiome

Plants are colonized by numerous beneficial microorganisms in the rhizosphere, including Pseudomonas fluorescens, that provide benefits including nutrient acquisition and pathogen protection. Host plants must tune their immune systems to restrict microbial overgrowth, while avoiding overstimulation of the immune system (autoimmunity). However, the genetic regulator that integrates rhizosphere microbial cues and autoimmune response is largely […]

Volatile methyl jasmonate from roots triggers host-beneficial soil microbiome biofilms

Volatile molecules released from plant roots (root VOCs, rVOCs) can diffuse over long distances, thereby increasing the sphere of plant influence. However, their influence on complex soil microbial communities (or microbiomes) and ecological implications are poorly understood, mainly due to technical challenges in capturing and quantifying rVOCs. To overcome these challenges, Kulkarni and Mazumder et […]