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Plant Scientist Highlight: Kono Yasui

Kono Yasui is our plant biologist highlight of the month. She was born in Japan in 1880. Throughout her life she challenged many of the cultural norms for women at that time. At her father’s encouragement, she constantly pursued education, first at schools for women in Japan, followed by studies overseas in the United States, […]

Developing a database for your lab rules and protocols

Part of the “Self Reflection” series by and for early-career researches After an hour-long search, you’re pouring over an old notebook from a previous post-doc in the lab, trying to recreate a protocol that your lab thought you would never use again. There’s an upside-down y with a squiggle over it, a drawing that looks […]

Plant Scientist Highlight: Alexander von Humboldt

This month we will be highlighting Alexander von Humboldt, who lived from 1769-1859. While he wasn’t a classically trained plant scientist, he has had an enormous impact in our field, particularly in the dissemination of research to the public. Von Humboldt is most known for his expeditions to South and Central America where he studied everything from […]

“So, why is what you do important?”

Telling others that what we do matters. Guest post by Alyssa Preiser Every holiday season, at least one relative may ask you the question “What do you do?”. Your response – “I study plants” –  is immediately followed by an awkward pause and either an unsure nod, as if they immediately understand all the intricacies of […]

From Plan to Plant

How a genetically engineered plant is made The below article is written as an introduction to how genetically engineered plants are made for anyone without a science background and is made to be freely shared. _______________________________________________________________________________ One doesn’t need to take more than a quick scroll through Facebook or Twitter to see that genetically engineered (GE) plants […]