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A unique photoinhibition protection mechanism in Chlorella ohadii that thrives in extreme high-light intensities

In plants and algae, excessive light can damage the photosystem and lead to a decrease in photosynthetic capacity, a process called photoinhibition (PI). Levin et al. showed that Chlorella ohadii isolated from the Negev desert in Israel lacks or has limited capability of the usual photoprotection mechanisms seen in plants and model microalgae species including […]

Fine tuning upstream open reading frames allow graded protein downregulation in plants

Regulatory components called upstream open reading frames (uORFs) are commonly found in eukaryotic mRNA molecules. These uORFs regulate the translation rate of downstream coding sequences. Xue et al. edited uORFs added or edited uORFs in several genes to investigate the effects of adding or extending uORFs. Using dual-luciferase assays, they showed that protein expression is […]

Pigment-regulating small siRNAs from YUP locus are responsible for speciation of monkeyflowers

It has always been of interest to the plant community to understand the mechanisms behind the evolution of diverse floral carotenoid pigmentation within a genus. In this paper, Liang et al. investigated the mechanism behind monkeyflowers (Mimulus spp.) speciation driven by the flower color locus, YELLOW UPPER (YUP). YUP has been shown to control the […]