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The 6xABRE synthetic promoter enables the spatiotemporal analysis of ABA-mediated transcriptional regulation (Plant Physiol)

Abscisic acid (ABA) is known as stress hormone. Apart from its role in plant growth and development, it is widely studied due to its involvement in biotic and abiotic stresses. Although it had been studied for such a long time, a sensitive spatiotemporal marker for ABA is still elusive. Wu et al. developed an ABA […]

Roles of AGCVIII kinases in the hypocotyl phototropism of Arabidopsis seedlings (Plant Cell Physiol.)

Phosphorylation and de-phosphorylation are fundamental events for signal transduction. Phytohormone and light signaling are no exception in this case. Plants face towards light by creating lateral auxin gradient between exposed and shaded sides. This asymmetric auxin distribution is mediated through auxin transporter PIN-FORMED (PIN) proteins. One possible mechanism is the regulation of PIN protein through […]

Role of BASIC PENTACYSTEIENE transcription factors in a subset of cytokinin signaling responses (Plant J)

When cytokinin binds to its receptor AHKs (Arabidopsis Histidine Kinase), the signal is transduced through AHPs (Arabidopsis Histidine-containing Phosphotransfer protein) and eventually to type-B ARRs (Arabidopsis Response Regulators) transcription factors (TFs). Type-B ARR TFs mediate the primary cytokinin response, but the cytokinin response also acts through other TFs in different cellular contexts. In this article, […]

Integration of two RAB5 groups during endosomal transport in plants (OA) (eLIFE)

RAB proteins are membrane-anchored proteins that coordinate and regulate vesicle trafficking. Plants contain two group of RAB5 proteins, canonical (ARA7, RHA1) and plant-specific (ARA6), which share a common activator, VPS9A (Vacuolar Protein Sorting 9A). Ito et al. used an activated (GTP-bound) version of the plant-specific ARA6 to find interacting partner proteins. From that screening, they […]

GIF transcriptional coregulators control root meristem homeostasis ($)

Transcription factor GRFs (GROWTH-REGULATING FACTOR) are specifically expressed in TACs (transit-amplifying cells) and promote rapid cell divisions. Their expression is repressed in stem cells through miR396. In this work, they studied the functions of small cofactors known as GIFs (GRF-INTERACTING FACTORs) for maintaining meristem size and root development. Arabidopsis has three members (GIF1/AN3, GIF2, and […]

Photoactivated CRY1 and phyB interact directly with AUX/IAA proteins to inhibit auxin signaling in Arabidopsis (OA)

So far we know that light inhibits hypocotyl cell elongation and that the master regulatory plant hormone auxin induces hypocotyl elongation. Light signal depends on cryptochrome (CRY1) and phytochrome (PhyB). Auxin signal follows the traditional TIR1/AFB receptor-mediated degradation of AUX/IAA repressor. In this article, they have figured out the underlying molecular mechanism for hypocotyl growth […]