Ashish K. Chaturvedi: Plant Physiology First Author

Ashish K. Chaturvedi, co-first author of “Carbon dioxide responsiveness mitigates rice yield loss under high night temperature”

Current Position: Scientist at Land and Water Management Research Group, Centre for Water Resources Development and Management, Kozhikode Kerala, India

Education: M.Sc. in Botany at CSJM Kanpur University, Kanpur, India; M. Phil, Ph.D. in Plant Physiology at HNB Garhwal Central University, Uttarakhand, India

Non-scientific Interests: Singing, Listening to music, Reading

Brief bio:  After completing My Ph.D., I have worked as Post Doctorate Research Associate at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, where using field-based environmental facilities lead me to explore and understand the response of C3 crops under future elevated CO2 and high-temperature environment. My interest in addressing climate change impact on crops further fascinated me to work in that line. I have presented my work at 3rd Global Science Conference, Climate Smart Agriculture CSA-2015 at Montpellier, France and worked at Crop and Environment Science Division (CESD), International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), The Philippines as a visiting collaborator. My continued interest towards basic photosynthesis research and identifying desirable traits under multiple abiotic stresses to compensate yield losses under future climate change has geared up to be more passionate to add on climate-resilient agriculture. This work highlights the composite response of multiple phenotypic traits for active selection of rice under elevated [CO2] and explains that [CO2] responsive genotypes could maintain carbon balance and compensate for high night temperature yield losses. Currently I am involved to integrate physiological tools for multiple abiotic stress tolerance, finding ways to improve crop water use efficiency and explore the crop-specific best-fit agricultural water management practices under humid tropical environments for climate change adaptation.