Alexis Brun: Plant Direct First Author

Alexis Brun, first author of “MCO1 and MCO3, two putative ascorbate oxidases with ferroxidase activity, new candidates for the regulation of apoplastic iron excess in Arabidopsis”

Current Position : Searching for a Post-doctoral position

Education : PhD in Plant functional and molecular biology – Montpellier, France, sept 2022

Non-scientific Interests : Photography (team Nikon), Literature, Botany

 Brief bio:

Hello, I come from south of France and am a newly graduated PhD in Montpellier, the second hub for academic lab research in Plant science in my country. I am currently looking for a Post-doc position abroad. About my education, I have a transdisciplinary profile through many fields : molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry and plant physiology. I had the opportunity to acquire skills in fluorecence microscopy, especially confocal technology and computing with R software along my PhD. I am eager to learn new techniques in different research fields.