Young B. Cho: Plant Physiology First Author

Young B. Cho, first author of “Impact of pod and seed photosynthesis on seed filling and canopy carbon gain in soybean”

Current Position:  Post-doctoral Research Associate, Ort Lab, University of Illinois

Education:  PhD, Crop Sciences, University of Illinois


Non-scientific Interests:  Wife, family, friends, and Lionel Messi

Brief bio:

This project was a remarkable collaboration among Sam Stutz, Sarah Jones, Yu Wang, Elena Pelech, and Don Ort. I enjoyed the moment that receiving the acceptance email, knowing that our collective hard work and dedication had made a significant impact on the scientific community. I enjoyed the moments of us sitting in the office, lab and field, engaging in discussions about the unknown, and laughing together. Those were the moments when we truly practiced the joy of science.

My current research interests revolve around the tissue-, developmental stage-, and pattern-specific expression and regulation of small RNAs (sRNA) in plants. Specifically, I am investigating how sRNA can be harnessed as a precise tool for modifying plant traits, with a focus on optimizing photosynthetic efficiency. Under the guidance of Dr. Don Ort, I am exploring the potential of sRNA as a delicate gene regulation tool to improve yield and cultivate more valuable crops.

I am driven by the belief that precise gene regulation tools are essential for sustainable agriculture and the production of high-value crops. Through my research endeavors, I aim to contribute to the scientific community’s understanding and pave the way for advancements in agricultural practices